I had taken my uncle to Dr. Sunil, from the start till the end it was an amazing experience with him, he ensured we understand things in detail and kept us proactively informed on things. the best part was he was available always either on call or WhatsApp which was of great help. Thank you Doctor

Satish Saraf

Dr Sanket Shah is an excellent onco expert and surgeon specialist. I have really satisfied after receiving my brothers treatment from him. He has done every thing for my brother. He is a helpful and good care taker for a patient. Gradually my brother is getting well under his observation. Thanks to you for your hard work which you have done for us and god bless you.


One of the best cancer surgeon I have ever encountered in my life ! Highly experienced, very ethical , always respects patients , his diagnosis is excellent and treatment is to the point..

Monendra Patel

My mother was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer during May and we were supposed to travel to Mumbai for the treatment but after meeting Dr Joy we decided to go ahead with the surgery here in Pune itself. He explained everything in detail which really helped us. Also there was an urgency during midnight doctor supported us throughout the night. He ensured that we get all the required support else during this Covid time, it becomes extremely difficult to get the right medical attention. Dr Joy is very kind and friendly. Highly recommended...

amit gupta

Dr Joy is intellegent and a pleasant personality. He is very patient with the patients and clears each and every doubt or fear the patient has until they are satisfied. He is skillful surgeon with calm temperament. The moment you meet him you feel that you are in safe hands.

Leena Barve

My wife had her breast cancer surgery done under the care of Dr. Joy Ghose, and our experience has been nothing short of EXCELLENT. Like most people, my wife and me were quite anxious when we discovered the cancer in her first set of reports. We consulted Dr. Joy who provided a lot of clarity on what the current condition means, and how things need to move forward. He heard us and answered our questions with utmost patience, leaving no room for doubt. Dr. Joy did not waste any time and he arranged for the surgery to be done immediately. During this COVID situation, it’s actually difficult to get things done, but Dr. Joy guided us and made things easy for us. My wife was relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment and is now on her way to recovery. I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Joy for taking us through this smoothly.

Anirudh Bhat

An excellent doctor and a wonderful person. Best surgeon yet very humble.I had a tumor in my breast which had a speedy growth. Though it was not cancerous one which we came to know after all the tests adviced by Dr. Ghose, but he suggested a surgery to remove that tumor because there are high chances that such tumors might convert into cancerous one.Hence to avoid future risk he removed it. Although the surgery was major one but because of his years of experience and expertise it went smoothly.Its been a month now after my surgery and I am able to get back to my normal routine within a month.He was very cooperative and punctual during my treatment and follow ups. Highly recommend.

Bhairavi Deshpande

Patients are taken care very well.. Doctor Vaishnavi explain about the case in a very understandable way to the patient and their family and is very cooperative.

Vijayalalitha Math

had the experience of interacting with her and you straight away feel a strong sense of trust...to trust her with the health of the most loved one in your family. Somehow you feel you are in a safe zone and you will come out of of one of your most challenging phases victoriously. I wish her great happiness and success in her new endeavour and hope she is able to touch everybody’s life the way she did with mine. Thank you Vaishnavi Ma’am, sometimes words are hard to come by! Good luck to you.

Dr. Rohini Balasubramanian

Dr Vaishnavi is a very caring, empathetic and positive person. She treated my dad for MDS and made him feel very comfortable. She is very open to have discussion, get second opinion and very patient in answering all our Google driven questions abt the disease. I wish her the very best to continue to make a difference in people's lives and health.

Shubhangi Josiam