Bone Tumors – Save Life as well as the limb

Bone tumors are one of the common tumors seen in children and mostly teenagers. It presents as pain or swelling and when ignored in the earlier stages and presents with a fracture. The initial evaluation usually consists of X-Rays, MRI , CT scan of chest and biopsy. These investigations help us to identify the type and stage of the tumor.

The treatment of bone tumors is particularly challenging due to emphasis on saving both the limb and the life. It becomes particularly important as the patients are very young and conserving the function of limb without compromising survival becomes very important.

The Specialist management starts from the stage of biopsy and it is essential that biopsy is done by the same surgeon who will go on to do the definative surgery.

The limb salvage treatment requires multimodality approach and usually starts with chemotherapy. After the tumor is downsized , surgery to remove the tumor and reconstruction with appropriate prosthesis is planned. For growing children expandable prostheses are used.

Treatment continues with adequate rehabilitation till the patient gets back to his normal routine. Patients are advised to be on regular follow up upon completion of treatment.