Story of Leena Kinny: Breast Cancer Survivor

Cancer can happen to anyone. It is one of the major causes of death in India. This story is of Leena Kinny, a breast cancer survivor. She is a teacher by profession.  One day, she detected a small lump in her breast, by self-breast examination and after doing mammography and sonomammography and biopsy she was detected to have early breast cancer. Her life turned upside down. Leena Kinny was shocked and scared. She started feeling distressed and broken. She didn’t understand what to do and so she started looking for the best oncologist in Mumbai.

Leena Kinny found Dr. Sanket Shah as the best cancer specialist in Mumbai and contacted him, explained about her problem to Dr. Sanket Shah. At the first visit, Dr. Shah studied her reports and explained to her about treatment procedures because of which she started feeling confident that she can recover from cancer. Dr. Sanket Shah is an experienced breast cancer surgeon in Mumbai. He performed breast conservation surgery & oncoplastic surgery for her. In the final report, she was confirmed to have stage 1 breast cancer. Then Leena Kinny underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy for 4 – 6 months. She followed all the instructions given by her breast cancer specialist, Dr. Sanket Shah. Now she does not have any side effects or complications. Due to the best cancer treatment provided by Dr. Shah, she is living a normal life and enjoying her teaching job without any kind of problem. Dr. Shah and his team helped Leena Kinny to fight against breast cancer. He has given new life to many cancer patients like Leena Kinny. He continuously works to provide new hope to cancer patients and make their life better. Due to his selfless service, he is recognized as one of the best oncologists in Mumbai.

Leena Kinny said, “I faced a lot of negative emotions and feelings during this time. But if you have strong will power, you can beat cancer. I believe that there is a hero within every person. Just we have to look within us and it is there. Also, be thankful to people who are there with you during your journey of fighting cancer. Keep praying and you will beat cancer. Have faith in your cancer specialists and follow the instructions they give you. They are your team and plays important role in your journey. Now, I can proudly say, Yes, I did, I beat cancer.“