Colorectal Cancers

Cancers of colon and rectum frequently present with bleeding in stools, pain during passing stools and anemia. Suspected patients need to undergo colonoscopy and biopsy.

Biopsy is the test for confirmation of cancer. After confirmation staging is done by CECT and MRI in cases of rectal cancers.PET CT may also be required in select cases.

Treatment starts with the intention of curing the patient and also preserving the continence and thereby avoiding the permanent stoma. To preserve the continence sphincter has to be free from disease and MRI is the best tool to confirm this.

At Oncoxpert we use all advanced techniques like neoadjuvant chemoradiation, Intersphincteric resection with coloanal anastomosis to preserve the continence.

Laparoscopic (key hole) surgery

At oncoxpert most of the surgeries performed for colorectal cancers are by key hole method. This scarless method of surgery ensures painless and early recovery. It helps the patient to return early to normal activities and to start adjuvant treatment.

Robotic surgery

Suitable patients are offered robotic surgery. This is currently the most advanced form surgery and is expected to deliver the best outcomes to patient.


Since most of patients present in locally advanced stage, chemotherapy is required. Chemotherapy helps to reduce the chances of recurrence. Care is taken during chemotherapy to reduce the side effect and discomfort so that the sailing is smooth during the same.