Naresh Sharma : Oral Cancer Survivor

As everyone is afraid of the disease name Cancer I, Naresh Sharma like to share the experience to the world that Belief, Patience and Courage is the best solution to beat the Disease. I was detected Mouth Cancer in the upper side of the hard pallet in Jan 2020. l got very nervous and afraid but the doctors assured me that after surgery everything will be normal. After surgery and inspection of the part which was infected, it was suggested to go for 6 chemo and 33 radiations. After taking chemo and radiation till today I am clear of deadly cancer. After all the difficulties faced by me, only one thing I found is that patience, courage and confidence is the main medicine to overcome the deadly disease.
Thanks to Doctors (Dr. Sanket Shah Oncologist and Dr. Trinanjan. Basu. Radiologist), who Supported me to build up my confidence level and courage to overcome this so-called deadly disease.