Story of Shailendra Shrivastava: Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Cancer is the deadliest disease than any other illness. But it is still possible to recover from cancer through proper treatment and with strong will power. This is an inspiring story of Shailendra Shrivastava, a pancreatic cancer survivor.

Shailendra basically belongs to UP. At the age of 58, he suddenly developed jaundice. He was advised to perform a CT scan, side viewing endoscopy with  biopsy and MRCP. He was detected to have periampullary carcinoma. He was shocked after knowing this. He didn’t understand how he could deal with this situation.

Finally, Shailendra decided to take up the treatment. He went to Kanpur and Agra for the treatment but doctors referred him to go Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. They started looking for the best oncologist in Mumbai. He was then referred to visit Dr. Sanket Shah from Tata memorial hospital. Dr. Sanket is a highly experienced cancer specialist in Mumbai and has given new hope to many patients. After the first visit, Dr. Sanket Shah explained Shailendra about the treatment procedure and cleared all the queries related to cancer. Shailendra started feeling confident and decided to take cancer treatment from Dr. Sanket Shah.

Shailendra underwent a pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy (modification of Whipple’s procedure). He was found to have abnormal biliary anatomy during the surgery and had a prolonged and complex surgery. He had minor morbidity and was discharged from the hospital after 12 days. On the final report, he was detected to have stage 2 cancer. After discussing in a multi-disciplinary team meeting he wasn’t advised any further chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Now he is on regular follow up and living a normal life. Dr. Sanket Shah and his team gave second life to Shailendra.

Shailendra won the battle due to his will power and guidance of Dr. Sanket Shah. He is best cancer doctor in Mumbai and has performed many complex surgeries successfully. He is young, dynamic and skilled oncologist in Mumbai and always use advanced cancer treatment methods for the maximal benefits of patient.

While talking about Dr. Sanket Shah, Shailendra said, “I am thankful to Dr. Sanket Shah. He is a straight-forward and kind person.”