Soft Tissue Cancer

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What is Soft tissue Cancer?

Soft tissue cancer, commonly known as soft tissue sarcoma is an uncommon type of cancer that originates in the tissues that connect, support, and surround other body structures. This involves muscle, fat, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and the lining of your joints.

What are the causes of Soft Tissue Cancer?

In most circumstances, it’s not clear what causes soft tissue sarcoma.

In general, cancer occurs when cells develop flaws (mutations) in their DNA. The errors make cells multiply and divide out of control. The accumulating abnormal cells form a tumor that can arise to invade nearby structures and the abnormal cells can spread to other parts of the body.

What are the symptoms of Soft tissue cancer?

A soft tissue sarcoma may not show any signs and symptoms in its initial stages. As the tumor develops, it may cause:

  1. A prominent lump or swelling
  2. Pain, if a tumor compresses on nerves or muscles

What is the treatment for Soft Tissue Cancer?

  1. Surgery

It is the primary treatment for soft tissue sarcoma. Limb-sparing surgeries are the most common operations performed for the control of these tumors. The aim of surgery is to eliminate the tumor and at least one to 2 centimeters of the neighboring tissue.

In addition, new reconstructive techniques that allow the repair of nerves and blood vessels and the transfer of muscle and soft tissue have allowed extensive operations to be conducted with the knowledge that function can be preserved. These techniques, which have evolved over the last three decades, include the use of nerve grafts to restore function and avoid amputation.

  1. Radiation therapy

Almost all patients undergoing small sarcomas are treated with surgeries whereas high-grade (sarcomas that are larger than five centimeters in size) soft tissue sarcoma will require a combination of surgery and radiation therapy.

  1. Chemotherapy

It plays a very short role in the management of these tumors. Chemotherapy acts by stopping the maturity of cancer cells by either killing them or not allowing them to multiply further.

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