Stomach cancers

Stomach cancers are quiet common in indian population. Patients with prolonged gastritis are at increased risk of stomach cancer. They present with loss of appetite, weight loss and early satiety.

Patients with suspected stomach cancer should undergo endoscopy and biopsy. Biopsy is confirmatory and mandatory before starting any treatment.

Stating is done by either CT scan or PET scan. Staging laproscopy to rule out peritoneal spread is done frequently as staging procedure

As for most cancers multimodality treatment is the norm. Treatment usually starts with chemotherapy, this helps to reduce the chance of recurence and increase survival of patients.

Surgery is the most important part of treatment and is considered after 3 cycles of chemotherapy. Gastrectomy entails removing the affected part of stomach with adequate margins with lymph node dissection.

Laproscopy and Robotic surgery

Gastrectomy can be done by key hole method or by robotic surgery. This method ensures early recovery besides having many advantages like less blood loss etc.

Patients continue chemotherapy after surgery and a total of 6 cycles is required. Patients are advised to be on regular follow up