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Why patients choose OncoXpert

OncoXpert is an initiative by doctors who were formerly at the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. It has been conceived with the objective of providing standardized comprehensive and state of the art cancer care across the country and is currently functional in five major cities Bangalore, Hyderabad Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune. OncoXpert intends to serve in the entire spectrum of cancer care spawning from prevention by creating awareness, treatment and end of life services. We strive to provide holistic treatment to the patients which involve multidisciplinary care with most advanced globally recommended treatment protocols.

All the facets that impact the treatment like the patient’s condition, stage and biology of the tumor are thoroughly evaluated and management protocols are personalized to assure the best possible outcome to the patient. Though there are rapid technological advances in the management of cancer that substantially improve outcomes, these benefits are not reaching the common patients. OncoXpert is a humble attempt to provide affordably and the best possible treatment to the patients and ensures the expected outcomes to them.